Why We're All About Catch and Release

Don't get me wrong, we enjoy a good fish fry, but 90% of our angling is catch and release. Growing up in the Ozarks, we often caught our bass and let them go, an approach that I didnt fully understand the importance of until later. Today, we are proud to promote a "fish it forward" approach through apparel and channels to help educate anglers on best practices when out on the waters, offer tips and inspiration, showcase leaders in the fishing world and help foster a love for healthy fish and clean, resilient waterways.

As part of the mission to promote catch and release, 3% of all sales from this site will be donated to conservation programs that rotate throughout the year. We believe in giving back to the groups that are working to keep our waterways clean and pristine, because that equals good fishing! 

Thank you for shopping and supporting Catch & Release, now find you some goodies and go catch a big one! 




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